Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How can I be of service?

A. There is a LOT to be done for a successful event, we are dependent on the service of the fellowship for all to run smoothly. Please contact any committee member, come to a planning meeting or email us for specific needs and / or placement. See our flyer on main page for more information. There will also be a sign up board at the campground we will be asking campers to sign up for needed shifts on sight.

Q. Are dogs allowed?

A. Dogs are allowed except in designated dog free zones (food area, meetings), leashes and supervision are required.

Q. What’s included with the registration fee?

A. Meals, coffee, full service restrooms, swimming / lifeguard on duty, camp site / cabins, meetings, activities.

Q. How can I request a cabin bed?

A. Email the committee with your request at blueslidehcicampout@gmail.com. Elders and those with disabilities will be accommodated with priority.

Q. What if I can’t afford it?

A. Email the committee at blueslidehcicampout@gmail.com, some scholarships are available.

Q. Can I attend only a meeting?

A. Yes, anyone is welcome to attend any of the scheduled meetings.

Q. Can I purchase a meal if I haven’t bought a ticket?

A. Yes, we request a $5 donation

Q. How far is it to the campout?

A. It’s about 45 minutes from Eureka, in Maple Creek. Please see map on main page.

Q. Will there be activities for children?

A. There is a “kids corner” with games, arts and crafts. There is also a playground, volleyball, basketball and a large open area for kids to roam and play.

Email any questions or comments to blueslidehcicampout@gmail.com