Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Is this the same campout that used to be held at TLC?
A. Yes! It’s the same Humboldt County Intergroup (HCI) campout that’s been held for many years, just in a new location.

Q. Are dogs allowed?
A. Yes! Non aggressive dogs are allowed at the campout if they are kept on leash in any of the common areas, there are also places for them to romp off leash.

Q. How much is it if I pre-register?
A. Pre-registration pricing is $55 per adult, $20 per child under 12, for the whole campout
or $35 per adult, $10 per child, for Sat & Sun (or Fri & Sat.)

Q. How much at the gate?
A. Gate prices will be $75 per adult, $20 per child under 12, for the whole campout
or $50 per adult, $10 per child, for Sat & Sun (or Fri & Sat.)

Q. What’s included?
A. All campout fees (there are also sixty cabin beds available!), all meals, drip coffee & water. Please bring anything else you’ll need.

Q. What do I need to do if I want a cabin bed?
A. If you pre-reg on this site simply add the "Would you like a cabin bed?" option when you check-out. If you're buying a ticket or mailing in your pre-reg, send an email to letting us know and we will reserve it for you. Also, bring your own camp pad or thick blankets to sleep on.

Q. What kind of food will there be?
A. Good food! Meals will all be made from scratch by our chefs. Included is Dinner Fri night, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and late night snack Sat and brunchfest Sunday. There will be a veg option available for each meal.

Q. What if I can’t afford it?
A. Please email to request a campership or sliding scale.

Q. Do I have to pay if I just want to go to a meeting?
A. No! Just tell the person at the gate you’re there for a meeting.

Q. Can I still eat a meal being served if I haven’t paid for a campout?
A. Yes! We just ask you put $5 in the donation can.

Q. How far is it to the campout?
A. It’s about 45 minutes from Eureka, in Maple Creek, please see map on main page.

Q. Can I get a ride there?
A. Yes! We will be cooridinating carpools, please email or call Jordan @ (707) 533-0990 ASAP.

Q. Will there be stuff for my kid(s) to do?
A. Yes! Alice is hosting “Kids Korner” with lots of games, arts and crafts. There is also a kids playground and a beautiful huge campground to run around in!

Q. Will there be stuff for adults to do?
A. Yes! TONS! In addition to the campground’s many games available, and meetings throughout the day, we will be hosting many activities. There will be something for you to do just about all the time. There will also be plenty of opportunities to just relax, the campground is very large with many private hideaways.

Q. Is there a swimming hole?
A. Yup! A reaalllly nice one!

Q. Is the river clean and totally awesome?

Q. What's the weather like?
A. Nice and warm but not super hot, you can get very warm in the sun, or be very cozy in the shade, it gets cool at night.

Q. Are there hot showers available?
A. Yup!

Q. Is there an awesome little coffee shop with snacks, espresso and candy for sale cheap?
A. You know what? YUP!

Q. If I'm of service can I get a free campout?
A. If you want to be of service please do, we can use all the help we can get. A.
Please email to request a campership or sliding scale.

Q. How can I be of service?
A. There is TONS to do. Please show up at the planning meetings! They will be held each Sunday @ 11am, North Town Coffee, 1603 G. St., Arcata. If you're reading this right before the campout, just ask around when you arrive or at the gate etc., there will be lots and lots and lots of service opportunities.

Email any new questions to